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Amazing food and fabulous banter from Ronnie

- made some new friends and a great time - what’s not to like!

When was the last time you had dinner, cooked by a culinary superstar where after he magically rustled up a feast he came to sit at your table, next to you and you got to chat food ... seriously don't miss the opportunity to eat at Ronnie’s, I promise you won't be disappointed.


Ronnie was a great host - explaining the food to us for each course. It felt like we were at a chefs table at a restaurant! A lot of passion and hard work had gone into the menu!

Katie 'gin lush

Amazing! Best dinner I have ever had!

Catherine Xavier

Me and my friend had an amazing evening. The 'vibe' was great. It was super cosy and relaxed. Was really great to see a chef at work/prep as well....then explain the detail. Totally will and have recommended this. Perfect for a “foodie”

Tory Turk

I loved dining with Ronnie and his Peckham Manor team. The food, the service and the company were all incredible. Will definitely be back. Thanks Ronnie!

Sophie Brown

Ronnie never fails to impress with his food and this time was no exception. Always something new to try or something familiar cooked an interesting or unexpected way.

Great host, great food, great company!

Will Greaves

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