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Since starting Peckham Manor, Ronnie has also appeared in several tv shows including Great British Menu and Sunday Brunch as well consulting for a number of establishments including 45 Jermyn St, Fortnum and Mason’s, Farmacy and Joe Allen as well as working closely with Scope Charity on various fundraising projects.

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BBC Million Pound Menu

June 26, 2018

Hollings is the brainchild of the ex-Hix Group head chef Ronnie Murray, and ex-Hix bar manager James Randall. Both wanted to create a restaurant that would serve classic British food and drinks with city-centre food and service in the suburbs. 

Munchies - Sussex Pond Pudding

July 14, 2015

Ronnie Murray shows us how to make a British favourite dating back to the 17th Century—Sussex Pond Pudding. A suet pastry laced with lemon, sugar, and butter, it's the best pond water you'll ever taste.

MUNCHIES Presents: Challenge Hix

February 15, 2015

Mark Hix—an OG of the British gastronomy scene—offers MUNCHIES an invite to the legendary "Challenge Hix," which has never been witnessed before by anyone outside his inner circle of head chefs.

Disability is ‘last taboo’ in kitchens

September 20, 2016

A chef in this year’s Great British Menu competition wants to encourage more people with disabilities to take up careers in the catering industry.

Great British Menu

September 19, 2016

New to the competition, Ronnie’s menu takes inspiration from his love of old British recipes, which he is reviving with a modern spin.

Top Chefs Host WeFiFo Supper Clubs

December 05, 2015

Ronnie Murray, ex Group Head Chef of HIX Restaurants is hosting his Peckham Manor supper club on 16 and 17 February from his home in Peckham. Titled ‘A Taste of Holiday’ the supper club has been inspired by Ronnie’s recent Winter holiday to Australia, Hong Kong and Tasmania.

The taste of success for Ronnie Murray

September 12, 2017

is a bit like wild garlic. Wild garlic is one of the first things that grows, it comes from the frosty ground, the rubbish weather, it appears when nothing else appears.


January 01, 2020

Islington Boat Club is hosting a charity fundraising dinner with celebrity chef Ronnie Murray on Thursday 16 March, to help young adults with special needs to access watersports, socialise and gain new skills.


June 29, 2016

Thinking of jazzing up your dinner? Why not try experimenting with spirits – they can add amazing flavour to food, and really bring out the flavours of the dishes.

A Quick Q&A With Chef Ronnie Murray

November 28, 2018

Recently, I caught up with Ronnie Murray, Group Head Chef at Hix to delve into his world. Read on to find out more about apple pies, roof tiles – and chickens bottoms…

10 Minutes With: Ronnie Murray on Chefs with Disabilities

June 22, 2017

Former Great British Menu 2016 contestant and now chef director Ronnie Murray tells us about his career and how he found success as a chef despite his disability.

Awkward Moments - Ronnie Murray

July 28, 2015

Ronnie is backing Scope’s End the Awkward campaign, and stars in our new awkward moments film.

“I didn’t chop my own arm off!”

June 14, 2015

​Not enough people know or interact with disabled people. Because of that, when they do, they often don't know what to do. They panic, or worse, just avoid situations for fear of doing the wrong thing. Scope want to end that. In this film, Ronnie Murray, head chef at London's HIX restaurant, talks about how awkward it is when people make assumptions about him, and assume he's really brave - just for having a job!

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